When technology gets in the way of technology

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We started the school year just 2 weeks ago and we did so with very high expectations as to what we wanted to accomplish with our students, particularly when it comes to technology integration. 2 weeks into the school year we have come to realize that it is going to be a bit harder than we expected. The reason? internet.

All of my students have their devices (we are implementing a BYOD program) but our network is not ready to take on the demand of so many students trying to access digital content. To add to the situation, many of the books that our students are using are web based and require that they go online to use them. Many of the apps that are being used by some teachers also require that the go online. The stress on the network is huge.

So what are we doing to make the experience a bit easier for everyone?

We have turned to digital books that can be downloaded and stored in the device. We have selected apps that do not require internet access to be used and any digital content that needs to be accessed for any of the classes has been assigned for review at home before coming into class.

While using technology in the classroom is a must, we have to be ready to work around the situations that arise. Technology that is not in our hands to control may gives us a lot of trouble and we need to be flexible enough to find ways to make student’s work happen.

Collaboration is also a must, when teachers collaborate and share their solutions to problems they encounter, the collective benefits and everyone’s life is easier. 

An easier life is usually a happier one!

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