Using Google Docs for science research projects

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Doing research that is scientifically sound and that follows the rules of scientific writing can be a tricky matter. This is even more complicated if we have to work in collaboration with others. Keeping track of the bibliography, making sure that it complies with the style selected by the teacher, making changes to the draft, and reviewing spelling, are but a few of the tasks that need to be taken care of when doing research.

Google Docs has some tools that can aid students in the process of researching for scientific purpose. In this post we will discuss some of the tools that are available to use during research.

First, let’s look at the Research option:

To access the research option we will select tools and the research:


And the following is the screen that you will see:


In the box to the right you will be able to make searches within the Google environment, images, videos, scholar, and more.

research 3

You are also able to insert bibliography in one of three different formats or you can enter the reference as a footnote.

research 3

To make sure that you are respecting copyrights you can filter the results by license labels.

research 4 

Once you have completed your search, the results can be previewed, cited as footnote or entered in the document as a bibliography in whichever format you select. Another possibility is enter pictures and other media by just dragging it into the document, as you do that a footnote for the source is created automatically.

Using these tools you will be able to make your research process a lot smoother.

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