Student’s blogs, another way to enhance our classes

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Just like many other teachers, during this summer break I’ve been reviewing my practice from last school year and analyzing ways in which I can help my students have a better experience. Thanks to an article by Pernille Ripp and another one by Kyle Pearce, I have decided to start my students in the use of a blog.

There will be a double objective, students will reflect on their learning experience in the class. At least once a week, they will have the opportunity of expressing their feelings about the class and the way it is being conducted. This will give me the opportunity of evaluating my practice. The other part of the project will require that the students solve a problem and that they show their process with the use of a short video of some kind.

Just like Kyle Pearce, I too, have asked myself about which platform to use. I am very fond of wordpress, however I feel that blogger will be easier for my students to handle and since many of them are not very familiar with the process of blogging I think it would be better to use a more user-friendly platform.

The students will be blogging on 9th grade algebra, 7th grade prealgebra and 7th grade physical science.

I hope to get suggestions from any interested party. Collaboration opportunities are welcome too.

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One thought on “Student’s blogs, another way to enhance our classes

  • Kyle Pearce

    Hi Eladio:

    Awesome to hear that you’ll be moving forward with student blogs this school year. It’s nice to see that you are doing a “once-a-week” approach as we can evaluate after a few weeks to see if maybe doing a little less is more in comparison to the “once-a-day” approach I’d like to use.

    Looking forward to collaborating with your students.

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