So we are implementing BYOD

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The end of the year was very exciting as we were given the news that we are moving forward with a BYOD implementation in our school. This brought about a lot of mixed feelings in the faculty as not everybody is ready for the endeavor. Some of us are thrilled as this will give us the opportunity of trying a lot of fun activities in our classes. But more than that, it will give us a change into giving students new ways of learning.

We don’t have to mention that this brings a lot of work in the beginning, since we need to find out what devices the students have, this is particularly important to design our lessons in a way that they all can participate.

In a future post we will share what apps we will be using and hopefully we will get some insight from those of you that are already implementing this type of programs. We are mostly interested in hearing what apps are you using in the areas of Math (prealgebra and algebra) and Science (7th grade physical science).

Please let us know.

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