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Last week we attended a seminar on the use of technology in the classroom. The seminar was hosted by INTEC-PREPA and conducted by Zobeida Ramirez. One of the topics during our conversations was the use of video games in education. As it is well known, any time this subject is brought up, Minecraft is a must discuss topic.

Some of the educators there gathered seemed very interested in the topic and we suggested joining a Minecraft online summer camp. And so we agreed to make a post on the topic and here it is.

One of such camps is being offered by Connected Camps. Their online camps offerings include:

There´s also a series of webinars to help you set up your own summer camp. You can even try the camp for free before you commit to purchasing the program.

A quick search online should give you more options if you are interested in taking some online training to use Minecraft in your class. Remember that there is a Edu version of Minecraft follow the link for more information about it.

If you would like to have more information on using Minecraft in your class, follow these links:

Feel free to share any other resource that you may have in the comments area.

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