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It feels like it has been forever since I last posted something here. The last couple of months have been reeeeally busy with so many projects going on. While many of these projects are very time consuming, there are 2 of them that keep me going, on one hand our seventh grade prealgebra class is working on a new project that has the potential of affecting their school life from now on.

Our school has embarked in creating a new library, a 21st century library and this has become the perfect opportunity for a little PBL in our class. The project is simple, they will have to design the library of their dream. In the process they will have to do some research about new trends in library design and learn a thing or two about geometry and what designing and building implies in mathematical terms.

As products they will have to provide a written proposal with the details and all the reasoning behind their design. They will provide blue prints with measurements and a budget for the materials adjusted to the market price. I will keep you posted on the results of this project.

The other one is a robotics club, we are really excited with this project because it will be an opportunity for the students to work collaboratively with students from other grades as this will be open to all students up to the age of 14. This is in the very early stages so more info on it will be coming up at a later time.

Although it is not so new, Happy new year!

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