Fostering Creativity in the classroom

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Giving students a chance to develop their innate talents is possibly the most important task of any teacher. Doing that, however, is not always easy. So many different personalities, so many different talents, so many different ways of expression, that it can be overwhelming. That is why technology in the classroom is so important.

In this post we want to share some apps that can be used to give our students an opportunity to show what they can do.

Taking notes

For many students, the creative process starts with writing down an idea. Taking proper notes and being able to share them with others is a vital component of the creative process, whether at school or at work. Provide your students with options that allow them to take notes effortlessly and that lets them share those notes with you and their classmates in a simple way.

In our classroom we use:

Organizing Ideas

Other students prefer to show relation between processes or concepts to fuel their creative process. When creating students need the opportunity to “see” their plan before it comes into the making. Graphic organizers are good tools to helps in this process.

In our classroom we use:


Explaining concepts

If you can’t explain it you don’t know it. I’ve heard that so many times, and giving our students the opportunity to explain things in a way that makes sense to them is crucial. Many times is not that they don’t know it but that they don’t have an appropriate channel to express their understanding of the matter. In our classroom we make use of multimedia for the students to explain concepts and that has given them the opportunity to explain their understanding via videos, songs, stop motions, comics  and drawings.

In our classroom we use:

  1. The device’s camera.

The options, thanks to technology, are endless. What tools do you use to promote student’s creativity?

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