Formative assessment. Google form as an exit ticket.

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For a while now I have been talking about formative assessment to teachers in training at one of the local Education Schools in Dominican Republic. The latest of these workshop has been about the use of the digital portfolio as a formative assessment tool. Particular emphasis has been placed on the use of Blogger as a portfolio. I personally use the blogger as a portfolio for my students but I am also using another of Google’s tools for formative assessment. We are using Google Forms to assess students understanding before we finish the class.

After a new topic is worked on, I placed 2 or 3 questions on a form, usually multiple choice questions, as I don’t want them to take much time responding the questions. This allows me to have a general view of the day’s work and if any reinforcement is needed.

As you know many students will not say that they don’t understand something until it is too late to do something about it. Using this tool they don’t have to identify themselves and the will answer to the best of their knowledge, allowing me to really see what is the mastery level of the particular skill being worked at the time.

For more formal assessment I use forms along with Flubaroo. This allows me to quickly score the responses and also see what the questions that gave more problems are, so that I can adjust my teaching to correct those situations.

What is your favorite formative assessment tools?

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