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One of the reasons I started blogging was to share my journey implementing technology in my classroom and while it has been a great pleasure for me to see my students use the tools at their disposal for learning purposes, it is not that, the use of technology in the class, what they seem to value most.

As part of a sort of end of year tradition, we had a chance to reflect over the year that just ended for us. I took the time to remind them of all the growth that we had this year and all the expectations that we have for them. Some of them shared what they felt was the most important lesson we learned over the past school year. None of them mentioned anything related to the projects we made or the use of cool tools or going paperless.

What they did mention was:

  • you helped me feel that I was part of the family.
  • you taught us not to leave anything to chance.
  • that it was ok to be wrong.

All too often we forget that in the end we are not just providing tools and skills that will help our students navigate in an increasingly more technological world, we are also contributing in the development of the humanity of our students. We are responsible for showing our students how to be better citizens, how to treat others, how to love one another.

Looking back at all the accomplishments that my students had this year, I´d have to say that the most important one can not be measured with a score.

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What´s the most important lesson you learned this year? tell us in the comments.

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