Digital Citizenship. A must!

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Right now a group of students of a master’s program is receiving a lecture about Risk conducts online. I had to take the same class about a year ago and I can’t help think about what a teacher’s role must be in helping students stay safe online.

Our students spend so much time online that it is hard to tell what is real life for them. Even for us, our online footprint is very important as it may have an impact on our professional lives. If that is the case for us, how much more important should our student’s online reputation be?

Teachers are responsible, at least partially, for creating the conditions for our students to learn how to be the best digital citizens they can be. From how to create a good email address to how to protect their personal information, from protecting themselves to protecting others, students need to develop the right mindset about their digital lives.

There are many tools online to help develop digital citizenship with our students. Of all of these I prefer Common Sense Media. They offer so much, materials for parents, for teachers, for students, for everyone! If you are concerned about your students privacy, their reputation and their overall safety, please take a look at Common Sense Media’s curriculum.

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