BYOD. Week 1

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I had mentioned in a previous post that we started a BYOD program, and although it is not officially running, many of my students are bringing their devices, which is serving the purpose of a beta test of a sort. We have learned a couple of things during this brief 3 days that we have been using the tablets in the class and I’d like to share those things in this post.

The first thing we learned is that most students are eager to use technology in their classes, to me it makes all the sense in the world as they already use technology for everything else. Secondly, we learned that students are more enthusiastic about using technology than most teachers are, as of now less than 25% of the teachers are making use of this implementation in their daily practice.

We also learned that students are willing to help you, yes you the teacher, learn if only you listen. After the second day, the students themselves brought some ideas about the tools that we could use in the classroom to substitute their notebooks and everyone who brought their tablets was using a digital notebook to take their notes, most amazingly, they were all on point with note taking and with completing their tasks.

Using their tablets also improved their general behavior in class, in other words there were fewer distractions and interruptions in the class.

Next week we are trying some of the formative assessment tools and some math practice tools as well. We will keep you posted.

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